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5 Things An Injured Worker Should Do After Being Injured on the Job in Georgia

5 Things An Injured Worker Should Do After Being Injured on the Job in Georgia – This article will highlight top five actions workers in Georgia can do when they are injure on their jobs.

Top Five Actions an Injured Worker Should Take.

Most workers injured on the job have no idea what actions they need to take after getting injured on the job, and the employers, for the most part, do not explain the process to them. Here are some tips if this happens to you:

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  1. Report the Injury to your Supervisor immediately!
    This is very important because there is a 30 day limitation on reporting the injury in order to be compensated for the injury through the Employer’s workers’ compensation insurer.
  2. Note the names of any witnesses to the accident causing the injury.
    Witnesses to the accident may become important if your Employer tries to claim that your injury did not occur on the job.
  3. Request to see the panel of physicians posted at your job site to select a doctor.
    All Employers must post at the job site a pink panel of physicians, listing at least six doctors from which you can choose to seek medical treatment with. If they do not have such a panel, you may be able to select a doctor of your own choosing. An attorney with many years experience in Georgia Workers’ Compensation law should be obtained to help in this process of selecting a treating physician. The success of your case depends on it!
  4. Do not agree to do a recorded statement with the Insurance company!
    It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia to protect your rights and maximize your workers; compensation benefits. After you obtain an attorney’s advice, it is possible it may be beneficial to do the recorded statement, but it is most important that you do not attempt to handle this alone! You may be jeopardizing your ability to receive benefits.
  5. Seek a consultation with an experienced Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney immediately!
    In order to protect your rights and your potential to receive workers’ compensation benefits for your work injuries, it is imperative that you speak to a workers’ compensation attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation law in Georgia. All of your rights and benefits are dictated by Georgia law, and the insurance company has no obligation to explain those to you! You need someone on your side to help guide you through the precarious workers’ compensation system in Georgia! Call Henson Law, LLC today!

You may find other helpful information on the State Board of Workers’ Compensation’s website: www.sbwc.georgia.gov.

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